The Steak Cookoff Association is dedicated to building the sport of steak cookoffs.  The SCA benefits both cook teams and cookoff's by implementing standardized rules and equal competitive opportunities for each team.

      Every cookteam likes to know the rules, know the judging tent is run with integrity, that payouts are guaranteed and that they have an equal opportunity to win.  So after a year of conversations and negotiations with some of the most influential leaders of the steak cookoff community, the SCA was created.  Now cookteams can be assured of a fair and well run cookoff when it is sanctioned by the SCA. All SCA sanctioned cookoffs will have a "SCA Representative" on site to run the judging area and be an ambassador to the cookteams.  The SCA Representative will be trained and know all the rules and regulations of an SCA cookoff.  

       SCA currently has events in 11 states and should be in 15-20 by the end of 2016.  In 2015 SCA went international with 3 events in the Netherlands and in 2016 plans are to expand to Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Belgium and the Caribbean.  With the current growth pattern SCA should have 100 events in 2016.  Help grow the sport of steak cookoffs by joining SCA.

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